Following the Money to Justice

The Follow the Money Initiative is the cornerstone of our work to advance corporate accountability and inclusive development. It shines a light on the backers of corporate misconduct and provides communities and activists on the front lines of this fight with an innovative and powerful new tool.

We launched Follow the Money in 2016 in response to the global land-grabbing crisis, which sees more than 15 million people displaced from their land and natural resources annually in the name of corporate profit. Multinational companies drive these land and resource grabs by establishing lucrative mines, plantations and infrastructure projects in countries with weak governance and accountability systems, with disastrous results for local communities.

These companies don’t act alone. Arrayed behind them are webs of banks, investors and commodity buyers that remain hidden from view. Many have made policy commitments to protect human rights and the environment. Some are bound by laws and regulations in their home countries that apply to their overseas investments and supply chains. But because they are invisible, they evade responsibility, and the companies they enable continue to act with impunity.

Follow the Money helps communities fight back. Upon request from affected people and their supporters, we uncover and expose those who profit from human rights violations and environmental destruction. Using a proven methodology, our researchers systematically unpack complex investment chains and identify hidden pressure points where communities can direct their advocacy to get results. We provide this information to community advocates upon request, along with tailored advice about how they can utilize it to develop more effective strategies to prevent harm, secure redress and take control of their own development.

Follow the Money


  • Investigated more than 169 harmful projects in 29 countries since 2016.

  • Helped communities identify and seize 482 advocacy opportunities, including  109 opportunities to access international accountability mechanisms.

  • Uncovered the involvement of 1 in 4 Fortune 500 companies in harmful projects.

Learn more about the projects the Follow the Money initiative has investigated in the interactive map below.  Zoom in and click on the icons to learn about the projects.  Drag the Pegman onto the map to see the projects sites in Street View.

How to Request our Support

Communities challenging harmful investment projects in Africa and Southeast Asia and their civil society supporters can request Follow the Money research by filling in the following form (in English or en français).

After receiving your request, we will assess whether the Follow the Money approach is suitable for your case. We will get in touch with you to discuss the results of this scoping exercise.

If your case is suitable for Follow the Money, we will place it in our research queue (we operate on a first-come, first-served basis) and provide you with an estimated completion date. When the research is complete, we will provide you with a report laying out our findings, along with tailored advice on how you might put this information to use.  We will also hold video conference or an in-person workshop to answer questions about our findings and brainstorm advocacy strategies. In many cases, we can also produce accompanying materials, such as a short, simplified report  translated into local languages.

For information, tools and resources that show how to do Follow the Money research and advocacy yourself, please see our online resource