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July 2024

How Multilateral Development Banks risk financing captive coal expansion
Despite numerous commitments to end the flows of finance from the publicly funded Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to coal power projects in recent years, some MDB funds are still supporting coal.
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June 2024

Bagaimana Pembiayaan “Berkelanjutan” dari Bank Pembangunan Asia Mendorong Ekspansi Batubara di Indonesia
Smog and Mirrors - Cover

April 2024

How "Sustainable" Finance from the Asian Development Bank is Fueling Indonesia's Coal Expansion
The Asian Development Bank has pledged to become a leader in climate finance, but an investigation reveals that a $600 million ADB loan meant to “promote the use of clean energy” in Indonesia is bankrolling Indonesia’s national energy plan, which contains dozens of planned coal plants.
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January 2024

Guiding Practice from the Policies of Independent Accountability Mechanisms
This guide was written to inform the creation of new IAMs and provide insights for future IAM reviews, spark discussions with IAMs, institutions, management, Boards, and governments about how complaint processes can be more effective, equitable and accessible, and more.
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October 2023

In a new essay, our Natalie Bugalski and David Pred describe what it takes—the enormous tenacity, solidarity, courage, and skill required—for communities and their civil society partners to seek recourse through the dispute resolution processes of development bank accountability mechanisms.
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October 2023

Bagaimana Pendanaan Batubara Menembus Celah Paris Alignment oleh IFC
International Finance Corporation (IFC), anggota Grup Bank Dunia, telah berkomitmen untuk tidak lagi mendanai proyek-proyek yang berhubungan dengan batubara.
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October 2023

How Coal Finance is Flowing through the IFC's Paris Alignment Loopholes
The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) has committed to no longer fund coal-related projects. However, an investigation by Inclusive Development International, Recourse and Trend Asia shows how the IFC continues to indirectly back some of Asia’s largest coal developers.
Roadblocks to Accountability cover

September 2023

Addressing the accessibility crisis in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s review of its Project-affected People’s Mechanism
In seven years, with 233 projects funded, the AIIB has yet to accept a single complaint from people harmed by its investments. This report shows that the AIIB is lagging behind its peers on nine key indicators and exposes the reasons why the PPM has not accepted a single complaint to date.
business_and human rights journal

July 2023

This article discusses the case of a group of displaced Cambodian farmers, Inclusive Development International, & Equitable Cambodia reaching a landmark agreement with Australia New Zealand Banking Group, and its lessons for the OECD – OCDE National Contact Point system of corporate accountability.
Panduan Mekanisme Pengaduan Baru untuk Industri Pertambangan, dengan Penekanan pada Perusahaan Tiongkok

June 2023

Pada Mei 2023, masyarakat yang terkena dampak industri pertambangan mendapatkan forum baru untuk mengangkat masalah lingkungan dan sosial.

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