Inclusive Development International develops global, regional and country-specific practitioner and community education materials that aim to empower people to advocate for just and inclusive development. We deconstruct and demystify the complex layers of financial flows, legal and policy frameworks, and accountability systems in order to break down the barriers people face in defending their rights.

Safeguarding People and the Environment in Chinese Investments Cover

June 2020

A Reference Guide for Advocates
This guide explains the key actors involved in Chinese overseas investment and describes the environmental and social standards and guidelines that apply. The guide also provides practical advice on how to use these standards in advocacy with relevant Chinese actors and institutions.
Community Guide to the AIIB - Participant's Cover

April 2020

An action resource for people affected by AIIB-funded projects
The Community Guide to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank equips communities and the activists who support them with information that can help them protect their rights when their lands, homes, livelihoods and environment are threatened by high-risk projects funded by the AIIB.

January 2020

How to map an investment chain, identify strong pressure points and devise effective advocacy strategies
This resource is for advocates working to support communities who have been affected by harmful investment projects. It will help you follow the money to identify and analyze the companies, investors and other actors behind these projects.
Following the Money Cover

January 2020

An Advocate's Guide to Securing Accountability in Agricultural Investments
Inclusive Development International and International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) partnered to develop this guide for local advocates working to support communities whose land rights and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by agricultural investments.
Community Guide to the International Finance Corporation Cover

January 2020

An action resource for people affected by IFC funded projects
It is designed to help communities understand their rights and entitlements vis-a-vis IFC projects and to decide whether they want to file a complaint with the IFC’s independent grievance mechanism, the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), as a part of their advocacy strategy.
A community guide to the involuntary resettlement safeguards

January 2020

An action resource for people affected by projects funded by the Asian Development Bank
The Guide explains local grievance processes, the ADB Accountability Mechanism and other forms of advocacy that local communities can use to defend their rights and hold the ADB accountable if the policy is violated.
A Cambodian Guide to Defending Land and Housing Rights Cover

January 2020

Rights, Laws and Strategies for Cambodian Communities Facing Forced Displacement
This community guide is the first resource of its kind for communities threatened with development-induced displacement. It contains three books important information about the risks of displacement, international and national legal rights and strategies that can be used to defend those rights.
Avoiding Forced Displacement Cover

January 2020

A Community Guide to Negotiation and Advocacy
This four-day training curriculum helps communities to think strategically about how to negotiate with private companies and government authorities seeking to take their land.

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