Meeting the Moment: Our 2022 Annual Report

We are pleased to share our 2022 Annual Report, detailing our accomplishments and our new, forward looking strategy.

We’re so proud of what our team accomplishes day in and day out. In addition to singing their praises, our latest Annual Impact Report outlines the exciting plans we have in store for pursuing our vision of a world in which communities and individuals determine their own development paths, businesses respect their human rights and environmental responsibilities, and the transition to renewable energy is both rapid and just.

In 2022, thanks to our supporters, partners and tenacious team, we investigated nearly 50 harmful projects at the request of grassroots advocates; helped 1,683 families secure redress, accompanied 100 communities with advocacy and legal support; exposed enormous cracks in the ESG investing industry that have allowed ESG-labeled funds to funnel $13+ billion to companies propping up Myanmar’s military regime; launched – a comprehensive and accessible online resource for corporate accountability researchers and advocates, and so much more.

Our new, forward-looking strategy entails:
➡ Advancing a just and rapid clean energy transition through our case work and policy advocacy.
➡ Scaling our impact by building and training a global “Follow the Money” community of practice.
➡ Developing new public access data tools to bring radical transparency to global finance and trade.
➡ Exposing greenwashing and ESG washing wherever we see them, and promoting real human rights and climate solutions in their place.

As we continue to grow and confront the most pressing issues of today, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all who have supported and continue to support us as we meet this moment together.

Read the report online or download the PDF.


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