Peugeot: act against land-grabs in Cambodia now

Inclusive Development International, Equitable Cambodia and Mighty Earth sent an open letter to Peugeot calling on the automobile company to use its substantial influence to ensure redress for Indigenous communities in Cambodia harmed by its business partner.

Inclusive Development International joined partners Equitable Cambodia and Mighty Earth in an open letter to Peugeot, a global automobile brand, calling on the company to use its substantial influence to ensure the return of land, restoration of degraded forests and waterways, and full compensation to Indigenous communities in Cambodia’s Ratanakiri province whose land and livelihoods were destroyed by a subsidiary of Peugeot’s Vietnamese business partner Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO).

Despite new leadership and a strong commitment to sustainability, Peugeot has refused to publicly condemn land grabbing and environmental damage by its partner.

Mediations have restarted between the Indigenous communities harmed by the project and THACO, but so far the company has refused to return the land. It is time for Peugeot to hold their partners accountable for land grabs and human rights abuses.

Read our open letter to Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, to learn more.

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